How to Stop Late Night Eating 

 May 21, 2020

By  Laura

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny [or rather, healthy] feels"

-Kate Moss 

This mantra, with the added brackets that emphasize the wordhealthy, has seriously helped me overcome some of my mental battles with late night cravings. But let's face it, sometimes good mantras just don't quite hit the spot when our tummies are yelling, nay, demanding to be heard. So, I've decided to divulge my secret on how to lose weight by stopping late night eating in its tracks.

Ready for it? Healthy drinks... There, I said it. If I'm getting peck-ish any time of day when I know that I don't actually need to eat, I reach for one of these bad boys that I've listed below. Now, let's be clear. If you haven't gotten enough calories or nutrients throughout the day, then by all means listen to your body and eat something healthy. But if you're certain it's just your body jonesing for a snack, then I suggest you turn to these options below.

  • Zero-calorie beverages are my #1 saving grace when it comes to late night (or even early morning) munchies. I'm not talking about diet soda here, but instead lets look at a few healthy drinks. I do intermittent fasting so I choose drinks that aren't going to kick me out of my fast. Here are some of my favorites:
    • Unsweetened Hot or Iced Tea
      • Licorice Tea - Now I'm not a huge fan of black licorice, but this stuff has a yummy sweet flavor that tastes like its sweetened.
      • Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Tea - Holy crap! This stuff totally hits the spot after dinner when I need just a little something to help me feel like I just had dessert. If you like sweet cinnamon, this will rock your world.
  • My Own Homemade Mock-arita
  • Watch my YouTube video here or just follow the steps below:
  • Ingredients:
    • A tall glass
    • A shot of apple cider vinegar
    • A can of cold, unsweetened sparkling water (recommended: lemon-lime flavor)
    • Pink Himalayan salt cracked into a bowl/plate       
    • A quarter of a lime
    • Ice (optional)

      • Step 1: Run the lime around the rim of your glass and press rim onto the plate/bowl of pink salt
      • Step 2: Pour in sparkling water and in a shot of apple cider vinegar
      • Step 3: Finish of with a squeeze of lime and add ice, if desired
      • Apple cider vinegar is incredibly beneficial to your health (more posts on this later) but quite frankly, it can be super gnarly to drink on its own. But this mock-arita not only makes it taste delish but fills up your stomach!
      • Get this, pink Himalayan salt has been known to reduce signs of aging, help with ketosis and even improve sleep quality - bam!
    • Hint Water
      • No sweeteners whatsoever but seriously tasty!
      • Pineapple is my favorite - I can't believe its not sweetened
    • Infused Water
      • A quick Google search will show you that people can go nuts with all of the options for infusing water. So find a flavor that you like and infuser bottle to your liking and go wild!
      • My personal favorite flavor is chocolate mint - just put chocolate mint leaves in your infuser and refrigerate for a bit

Sometimes I do all of these throughout the day because I realize that I'm actually dehydrated but it's showing up as hunger. Other times, just one of these drinks is sufficient and I can feel satisfied enough to keep fasting. For more information on weight loss, check out more of my articles on here at lauratenpas.com

Enter the share circle: Do you have any beverages or tricks that you like to use to keep from binging on snacks?


Mother of 4 kids, Special Education Teacher, and NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Laura tenPas

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  • Laura,

    My wife and I were just talking about this last night! It really is difficult to resist those late-night cravings. And, drinks contain hidden calories that we don’t think about until it hits our waistlines. These look like good recipes to follow. Thank you for the suggestions!

  • Excellent article, Laura. I swear that you can see right through my computer screen and into my room-I’m eating ice cream and mini Snickers bars as I’m typing this. Haha Although I actually want to gain weight, I still need to stop eating so much junk food after 9pm-it’s a terrible habit. Haha I drink plenty of water, get plenty of exercise, and stay as physically active as possible, but I need to trade in the Doritos for fruits and vegetables (which I do eat, but not like I should). That Mock-arita looks delightful! I’m going to try it! Haha Great read! God bless you!

    • Hey there! Let me know what you think of it. I don’t drink soda or anything so to me it’s fabulous! Ha! And yes, I can see you eating that candy bar through this device. Betta watch out! 😜

    • Hey there! I hope you enjoy it! My taste buds are kinda high-strung since I eat a pretty strict diet. So I’m interested to see what other people think!

  • Hi, Laura!
    The recipes come in handy for me :D. I am trying for a while to get rid of fat around my lower abs and have noticed much difference when I am exercising, fasting in the Ramadhan. Although the setbacks I saw are due to bloating, Do you have any tips to stop bloating?
    How many days in a week do you intermediate fast, and do you combine any workouts?

    • Hello friend! Those are great questions. As you can tell from my before and after picture, I too struggle with lower abdominal fat (especially after giving birth), so I can totally relate. As far as bloating, going dairy free and zero grains has significantly helped in this area. I find that the moment I incorporate grains, I bloat right back up. I intermittent fasting every day. I try to eat within a 5-6 hour window every day, this helps me burn off fat instead of carbs in my morning workouts. I’ll post more about this soon to address these questions. Thanks girl!

  • I am in need of assistance as well with my late-night eating, I seem to not be able to get to sleep without something in my tummy before I go to bed. I have seen this Hint flavored water before, but I have never tried it but I just might look into it since you recommend it


    • Hey Jeff! If you’re used to sugary drinks, it might take your taste buds a moment to get used to the Hint water. But otherwise, its suuuper tasty!! Let me know what you think! Pineapple is especially “sweet” in my opinion.

  • Loving that Mock-arita recipe! Is it bad if I want to add vodka? I feel like that makes it not healthy anymore but at least it’s still no carb 😳haha

    • Haha. Well I think it’s technically tequila if you want it to be a true marg 😜 But ya if you add hard liquor it wouldn’t hurt your carb intake too much. I wonder if you’d have to subtract the apple cider vinegar.

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