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Build Muscle

My programs will help you build muscle and sculpt your body with great curves instead of letting you withrer away like some other strictly cardio based programs.

Lose Weight

With my nutrition guidlines and meal plan examples you are guaranteed to lose weight! In fact I have a full money back guarantee if you do not lose 8 pounds in your first month with my Nutrition Guidance.

Be Happy

Be happy with your body and enjoy the life you have now while you still can! Don't let your weight keep you from the things you want to do and the adventures you want to have.

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Fully Mobile Personal Training

With my state of the art personal training app through Trainerize i can bring you personalized workout plans straight to your phone. We can chat, email, and video conference through the app so I can be with you every step of your jurney and keep you motivated and energized. 

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Tracking Progress

I can't stress enough the importance of tracking your weight lose as you start your jurney to a happy healthier you. To see your progress and your before and pictures at the end of your jurney is priceless. With my app you can track your progress with pictures, weight, fat %, and circumferences. All these features also come in easy to read and see graphs that show how your body is changing over time.

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Community Support

Not only do you get me as your personal trainer, you also get to join a community of like minded people looking to lose weight and get fit. With my app you can communicate with others and be encouraged by others comments and progress as well as sharing your own sucesses to encourage others in their journey.

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Laura tenPas

Head Trainer of Laura tenPas Fitness

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