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Build Muscle

My programs will help you build muscle and sculpt your body with great curves instead of letting you wither away like some other strictly nutrition and cardio based programs.

Lose Weight

With my nutrition guidelines and meal plan examples you are guaranteed to lose weight! In fact I have a full money back guarantee if you do not lose 6 pounds in your first month if you are following my Nutrition Guidelines.

Be Happy

Be happy with your body and enjoy the life you have now while you still can! Don't let your weight keep you from the things you want to do, the way you want to feel, and the adventures you want to have.

What's Included In you Lifetime Membership?

#1  Nutrition Guidelines

Online I walk you through how to tailor your diet specifically to your body for consistent weight loss. I show you what are correct portion sizes and make sure you get all the nutrients you need in your diet. Getting proper amounts of protein, healthy fats, whole grains, fruit and vegetables is key. 

In addition to the guidelines I provide  some of my favorite meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with grocery lists, cooking instructions, and serving sizes included. 

Not only that but I share some of the best no sugar drinks out there to help you get off the sweeteners and still enjoy what you drink. 

#2 Fully Mobile Personal Training

Included is a beginners 6-week home workout program to get you body reintroduced to exercise and help jump start you progress towards your fitness goals.

If you are not a beginner to exercise or prefer the gym, you can select one personal training programs. With my state of the art personal training app through Trainerize I can bring you personalized workout plans straight to your phone. We can chat, email, and video conference through the app so I can be with you every step of your journey and keep you motivated and energized. 

#3  Community Support

You also become a member of the Laura tenPas Fitness Facebook Page where I do week live Q&A Sessions and post useful health and fitness information for you. You get to join a community of like minded women looking to lose weight, get fit, and support each other.

If you chose to get personal training with me through my app you, you not only get me as your personal trainer, you can communicate with others doing the same workout programs as you. Seeing others progress as well as sharing your own struggles and successes to encourage others in their workouts. 

#4  Tracking Progress

I can't stress enough the importance of tracking your weight lose as you start your journey to a happy healthier you. To see your progress and your before and after pictures at the end of your journey is priceless. Online I walk you through step by step what to track and how to do it.

If you choose a personal training program, my app you can track your progress with pictures, weight, fat %, and circumferences. All these features come in an easy to read format with graphs that visually show how your body is changing over time.

Testimonial/Author Section

I lost around 90 pounds in the two years after having my daughter in 2017. The first year, I was considered obese with a BMI of 36. I exercise, drank lots of smoothies (which made it high carb), and went vegan. By the next year, I’d plateaued so I tried keto, which worked but I noticed some other issues like hair loss, which freaked me out because I don’t have a ton of hair and I felt like I was struggling endlessly with cravings. So even though I’d gotten down to a normal weight, I was unable to maintain that for long. The numbers kept creeping up.

Then COVID struck. We bought an RV and hit the road. Unlike a lot of the world, I wasn’t stressed and was genuinely happy with our travels and lifestyle but I had developed a habit of binging at nights after everyone fell asleep. And when I say binging, I mean in the dark, eating copious amounts of cookie dough, cereal, and popcorn. I then felt like I needed to restrict the next day to try to “jumpstart” my body into ketosis. I am thankful that I had the presence of mind to recognize the scary cycle of binging and restricting that I was beginning to develop. 

Through reading and research, I discovered that sugar (by this I mean added sugar and sweeteners) and flour were sabotaging my ability to lose weight. The truth was, I was addicted to sugar and flour and I didn’t even know it. But there’s good news! Just like with any drug, when you abstain from it for long enough, for me it was two weeks, your brain starts to really calm down. It stops asking for the drug and you get really food neutral. Office cupcakes? No, thanks, I’m good. My toddler’s birthday cake? Nope, not interested. And I’m not even missing out. I fully engage in the life events without feeling tethered to the food.

So, how did I do it? I originally found a meal plan that worked to help me detoxify from sugar and flour. I was able to become food neutral but it did not factor in my body composition and activity level. So I went online to NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) to get my nutrition and personal training certification. With that and my husband, Todd, who got his bachelor's degree in exercise science, I customized my own meal plan to my particular needs and the results were dramatic. My body fat loss has been incredible going from 23% to 14% in a matter of months. For those of you who don’t typically measure body fat, this is a huge deal. It means that FINALLY my body reflects my athletic nature.

Too often people misjudged me based on my looks, assuming I wasn’t athletic but I had just run a 5k that week. It was defeating and painful. But that doesn’t have to be my story anymore. My outsides finally match the hard work I put in on a regular basis. And no, it’s not all about others’ opinions or even the stigma about being overweight. I was not in my right-sized body and it was so hard to be carrying around this unnecessary weight that kept me from excelling at the things I enjoyed like running, rock climbing, and bodybuilding.

I’ve tried to lose weight with just exercise alone and it was like swimming upstream. I kept hoping that my muscles would show through but with my body fat so high, it was blocking any noticeable progress.

No one could tell that underneath it all, I was an athlete. I’ve hiked the AT with my husband (while being overweight). I’ve trained in the gym for countless hours and have discovered a passion for weight lifting. But before I got the nutrition right, no one could tell I was doing any of that.

Now I know that people’s opinion isn’t everything. But for my own self, I dearly wanted my body to match how athletic I was on the inside.

Once I got my personalized diet right. 

I weighed my food to get to portions right

and only ate at meal time.

That’s when the magic happened and the weight came off and the food craziness quieted. 

I want this magic to happen for you too!!

So come, please join our community at Laura tenPas Fitness!

Laura tenPas

Head Trainer of Laura tenPas Fitness
  • Hey I’m Todd and I just wanted to share a little of my story. Back in June when Laura came to me with another weight loss plan I was skeptical about how well it would work. I had gone vegan with her back when we first married 7 years ago and have been vegetarian and vegan on and off ever since then. But in that time I have still put on weight and lost weight like a yoyo. Usually going up and down 10 pounds or so. And more recently my weight was up 15 pounds and I was at about 15% body fat. So in June when I started eating this meal plan with her I was astounded when I dropped 11 pounds my first month! And I kept losing steadily until I reached my goal of 5% body fat. And not only that I have maintained that 5% body fat for over 4 months now by continuing to stick to the meal plan. 
  • The biggest thing I noticed is that previously my portion control was way "out of control". I wanted to eat an extra slice of pizza here, have another scoop of ice cream there, and have some m&ms or chocolate after every meal. I was addicted to sugar and that's why my weight had gotten up to over 15 pounds of my normal weight.
  • I lost most of this weight while not even exercising. We were traveling across the country and were only doing some walking or hiking maybe once or twice a week. But an added bonus to losing the extra fat on my body was that my muscles were more defined, I was able to rock climb harder problems in the gym once we returned home, and as I started to lift weights again the results seemed to show much faster and I could tell I was getting more definition.  
  •  So for you women out there with husbands in need of slimming down, this community will not only benefit you but possibly even your husbands as you inspire them to join you in your more heath conscious lifestyle.

Todd tenPas ‧ Husband, Stay At Home Dad, and Personal Trainer

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Sadly, 90% of women will never reach their "true" goal weight without the right help. It’s not their fault, they just haven’t been taught the right way to eat and they're trapped in a cycle of restricting and then binging and letting go. It does not and should not have to be this way for you.

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