Measuring Circumferences To Track Weight Loss 

 September 19, 2020

By  Laura

So you may be thinking "Why should I even measure circumferences around my body?"

"I don't want to even know those numbers!"

Measuring circumferences is a great way to track your progress as an obese individual and show how your body is changing over time as you start your weight loss journey. You may be surprised where you lose weight fastest at first and how it changes over time.

But the important thing is to start tracking NOW, no excuses, it is something you will thank yourself for later. I promise.

Eventually as you move from obese to overweight, then from overweight to normal weight, you may want to also start tracking your percent body fat for more accurate reading on your overall body balance of muscle to fat.

If you read my previous article on Why Trackng Percent Body Fat Is Important For Weight Loss you may already know some of this info and the reasoning behind it. 

Weight loss can be a long and grueling process at times with many ups and down along the way. Knowing this, it is key to keep your motivation up and track your progress regularly. Being able to see your progress visually and to compare exact numbers on weight and circumferences around your body is such a psychological boost and a way to celebrate small victories when things slow down at times on your weight loss journey. 

There are times when your weight may not go down much for weeks, but if you are tracking your circumferences you can see that your body is still shrinking and getting smaller in areas. Your working out and lifting weight is most likely building you muscle and stalling your weight loss. But muscle is exactly what you want! Muscle helps you burn more energy and lose weight, it allows you to sculpt and shape your body instead of just withering away as you lose weight. 

So let's keep that motivation up! I will walk you through exactly how to measure your body circumferences, what the best tool for this is, and where to enter it into your trainerize app.

For those that prefer to learn visually here is our YouTube video walk through.  

Measuring Circumferences

Best Tool For The Job

There are many tools you can use to do this, and if you are in to sowing you may already have a tape measure lying around you could use.

I recommend a tape measure that can measure in both inches and centimeters. The smaller the unit of measure the more small victories you can celebrate along your way and the more accurately you can mark your progress.

To make it even easier we recomend using the Care Touch Measuring Tape. It is under $5, measures in inches and centimeters, and connects to itself in a loop. With the click of a button it auto retracts and tightens to your skin to give you an accurate measurement. This makes it much easier to use by yourself and does not require 2 hands to get and accurate reading like a tape measure would. 

How And Where To Take Your Circumference Measurements

The Trainerize App makes this super simple and they provide a great diagram showing the thirteen places to measure. The thirteen places to measure are the Neck, Shoulders, Chest, Biceps(R&L), Forearms(R&L), Waist, Hips, Thigh(R&L), and  Calf(R&L). It is easiest to start with the top of your body and work your way down on one half of the body and then switch to the other side to get your arm and leg measurements.

To use the tap measure first you will want to give yourself extra slack in the tape measure, then you will wrap it around the area you are measuring and hook the leading end back into the tape measure. (They have conveniently cut off the first 1.5 inches of the tape measure to give you an accurate measurement at the line where the attached end come out of the spool) So if you are measuring in centimeters (which is on the inside) you will click the button now to tighten the tape measure to your skin and then you will unhook the one end and turn over the tape measure to see the inside for the reading. 

Here are some pictures for each location to guide you.










Where To Enter Your Measurments

So to record your measurements in your trainerize app the first thing  you need to do is open it up to the main dash area. First lets confirm you are recording your measurements in centimeters by going to the "more" tab on the bottom and scrolling down to the "units" button, then selecting centimeters. Return to the main dash and then will then click the "+" sign in the bottom left and select "body stats". From here it is pretty straight forward and you can enter in your body weight up top and then on the bottom half record you circumferences starting with your left side and then returning to right for your arms and leg readings. Click "Save" and you are done! Easy Right?

Here are photos to walk you through step by step.

So now you know how to accurately take your body circumference measurements and are ready to start your own weight loss journey. These measurements will be a game changer  and provide you with the proof that you ARE making progress and keep you motivated to push through the hard times and stay the course you have committed to.

There is not turning back! I and everyone at Laura tenPas Fitness are here for you if you need help. So feel free to leave a comment, send a email to laura@lauratenpas.com, or message me through your trainerize app.

All the best and see you soon


Mother of 4 kids, Special Education Teacher, and NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Laura tenPas

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